FIX: Winamp USB Remote


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    Here are some easy ways to help you fix the Winamp USB remote issue.

    June 6, two thousand and eight, 15:03.

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    winamp usb remote control

    Winamp remote control via USB Presenter Mouse

    winamp usb remote control

    I installed Winamp on my laptop and also installed a Trust Prentation Mouse, a 5 button wireless mouse configured to remotely delete Microsoft Powerpoint presentations.

    I would like to find a way to make Winamp respond to cabinets (obviously it responds to the registered basic mouse button and trackball so I can use it by holding the actual mouse over the correct part of the screen l was created and used by the PC button, but these are not alternatives that I need) – I would compare to using the left button in the store to start/pause the title; just press “rewind” for 5 seconds; Dru patternmultiple buttons available from the beginning of the last track; and two other up buttons to play 1% faster and 1% quieter (I installed Pacemaker for each of our plugins).

    Does anyone have any idea?


    June 14, 2008 at 7:55 pm.

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    have you ever tried to set hotkeys abroad?

    Options/Settings/General hotkeys.

    Enable All.Put
    then your main cursor in the “Hotkey” field below.
    Press the button you really want to use on the speaker remote control.

    When a keystroke appears in your hotkey field, this expert approval button lets you do what you really want. Just use the drop down menu below under “Action”to select the action you want the button to actually do…then click Add.

    Some keys may not send keystrokes to our own computer, so they may not perform their function, but I’m sure most do.

    I offer you a picture.


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    Managing Winamp From Your Mobile Phone

    Control Winamp via your mobile phone

    Use a remote phone to open and control Winamp over a Bluetooth connection.

    Previous Track, Play, Next Track, Rewind, Stop, Fast Forward, Minimize/Expand, Pause, Exit Winamp, Load Winamp, Toggle Shuffle, Toggle Dual/Normal Size, Volume Up, Volume Down, Toggle EQ , left mouse button, right mouse button and mouse pointer.

    For more information on the latest Bluetooth modifications and applications, visit

    Download plugin

    7. Only Peter Richardson, April 2006 55839 downloads

    Employee Evaluation

    This is because there was no material in the unverified material thatsuitable for your life.
    Comes with a readme on how to use the .hid image (there are 3 different types for different screen sizes/models) So ideally it will be clear what to do with the .hid image. have the necessary phone.


    easy: GOOD! easy to change if you change the global hotkey options – November 3, 2009, courtesy – fdiwald


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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for errors

  • works on k700i – works fine on k700i my… for those who have problems with volume buttons, screen inversion, deleting “hkcmd.exe” from your precious process list… and everything should work fine… – December 30 January 2006, Chap To Kamongol

    I like it – it’s a great program, it’s a bit noisy because it doesn’t work as it says in the some btoes 2.0 i just have to keep goingMy bluetooth locations->Show devices if phone range->your services will definitely be discovered->then just click if mouse and keyboard control (maybe you need different with other languages) phone is off altogether and starts flashing -site menu select plugin and naslwait for more.It works like this for me.Do this according to the operation of the “Not hints” guide. – August 23, 2006 by jeanbaptiste weetiknietmeer

    Amazing – Dooper With the following little plugin, sitting 10 meters from my computer, I can … boot into Winamp, play music at maximum volume and convince the person using the computer that it has the corresponding virus :)And all this without even having to climb the mesh of the chair. – 28 May 2006 by Audrey Niehaus

    Solid Plugin. I was skeptical at first but downloaded and ran this program on my k750i. To my surprise, it works very well, plus it uses the global hotkeys for Winamp. A great plugin for those of us who want to manage our music from other places than our computer. It also eliminates the need for someone else’s remote control hardware by freeing up the USB port on your PC as the previous Bluetooth takes over the USB and uses it for other purposes, making this great port-saving software. – May 4, 2006, Berger Ahlen.

    Click here to get a complimentary download that will help you clean up your PC.

    NAPRAW: Pilot USB Winampa
    CORREÇÃO: Winamp USB Remote
    CORRECCIÓN: Control Remoto USB De Winamp
    CORRECTIF : Télécommande USB Winamp
    FIXA: Winamp USB Remote
    FIX: Telecomando USB Winamp
    ИСПРАВЛЕНИЕ: USB-пульт Winamp
    FIX: Winamp USB-Fernbedienung
    FIX: Winamp USB-afstandsbediening
    수정: Winamp USB 리모컨

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