FIX: Error 22 Sco Unix

If you are seeing error 22 sco unix on your PC, check out these troubleshooting tips.


  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for errors
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    The installation process of SCO OpenServer is confidentialto the SCSI termination.Because the scsi bus is passed when the fort is installed,incorrect termination will hinder the installation processto complete it correctly.Incorrect termination of a SCSI contract may result inthe following two error states:

  • The following voice prompts will be displayed during installation.attach :
    Failed to export send phase 'SCO: UNIX'Component error SCO:UNIX:5.0.7 when exporting /somedirSCO: UNIX Component Error Packets for Client...MoveSCO:UNIX:RTS errorPackage error while exporting file /var/opt/K/SCO/UNIX/...aterror .when .creating .link .from .... tonot very repertoire
  • If you reboot your system after the excellent installation procedure that wasApparently successful, the following message is actually displayed:
    PANIC: srmountfun error 22 while mounting rootdev (1/42)
  • Before anyone tries to clean install hd, dofollowing procedure applicable to your construction equipmentsituations to get out of theseGood.afterA warning:soon these proceduresTurn off the device and also turn off the triggerthe power cord is basically the source.Otherwise, there is a risk of injury to people, equipment or.

    Internal devices

    If the installation CD and rootHard disk storage is physically located on the internal bus(in device):

    1. Remove all external peripherals from behind the SCSI bus by disablingCables, viewed from the rear, from the backplane of the SCSI host adapter card (.
    2. Alternatively, terminate the host adapter with a set of large insert resistors.on the backplane by inserting jumpers or usingBIOS boot program.
    3. Remove all SCSI bus devices that areCD-ROM, except for the installation of musical instruments and the root disk. mustYou remove them from additional hard drives.Floppy power supplies can often stay on the adapter because they stay on the host.bus disconnect time take care scsi
    4. just about their host adapter andLatest device internal finished
    5. reinstall the cables of the entire SCO OpenServer system.
    Internal and external mixed devices

    If the installation device and/or disk is elevated in the outer rootbus, and the other method (installation device or main drive) is the bus:

    1. Make sure onInternal that most external devices have a block of resistorsconnected to the back panel with a SCSI peripheral controller(tape drive, CD or hard drive),or that the lamp termination is activated using our own respective terminationsSettings to enable active documentation of suitable alternative settings, see Device Type.)
    2. Carefully remove any installed resistor packs related to the host adapter.Map. Personal (See Adapter Host for documentation of the exact location.)
    3. Remove everything from the internal device's SCSI bus exceptInstallation CD and root disk.Floppy disks can stay on their host cardnot due to connected to this SCSI bus.
    4. Make sure it's sticking out internal peripherals only and then external peripherals.Done with cables.SCSI host adapter should not terminate automatically
    5. reinstall the SCO OpenServer system.
    External devices

    If the device and assembly root drive are onexternal SCSI bus:

    1. Make sure the last physical connection is outthe external cable chain is connected directly to the terminal device.
    2. Make sure the resistor blocks are installed on the main board.
    3. Remove (disconnect) the internal Tour Bus SCSI cable.
    4. reinstall the SCO OpenServer system.

    If you still have problems after these steps,recheck the SCSI termination.Also look at the internal SCSI bus cable.and/or passively pack the entire resistors used to terminate any external bus.

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    © 2003 scsi Caldera International, Inc. All rights reserved.
    SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7 - February 11, 2003

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    FIX: Fel 23 Sco Unix
    CORRECTIF : Erreur 23 Sous Unix
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    ИСПРАВЛЕНИЕ: ошибка двадцать два в Unix
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    CORREÇÃO: Erro 23 Sco Unix
    NAPRAW: Błąd 23 Sco Unix
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