How To Fix Eseutil /r Error 528


  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
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  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for errors
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    Recently, some users reported to us that they encountered error 528 eseutil /r.

    Conclusion: Exchange log files are vital for these people because they record all events that occur on the server and restore the server in the event of an unexpected failure. If these driver files are lost or deleted, it can lead to Exchange database corruption and errors, for example:

    Log file types play an important role in Exchange. Journal layouts keep a record of transactions of all periods that occur in the Exchange server database and provide data security. However, if Exchange shuts down unexpectedly or the server crashes due to malware or viruses, all important log files can expire. If the log file(s) are deleted or corrupted, the database will be corrupted.

    And when you try to repair such a corrupted database using PowerShell commands, you get the following error,

    eseutil /r error 528

    This is the main reason it is important to maintain database host transaction log files. As an Exchange administrator, you must keep track of these transaction logs to ensure thatExchange work.

    Below, my partner and I discussed some troubleshooting methods to help you resolve this error. Fix, Post In many cases, you can try to mount or restore the database normally. However, these methods may not work if the database is corrupted or the log files cannot be found/reproduced. In such cases, you can obtain and install a valuable Exchange repair tool such as Stellar Repair for Exchange to fix Error 528 – The current log file is missing. The software can help you extract mailboxes from such a corrupted database that cannot be mounted and repair mailboxes to create a new existing or new database of your server.

    Meaning of log files in Exchange

    Transaction log files are essential components of an Exchange server. They record all changes made directly to the Exchange Server database, helping to restore the database after a server or database failure.

    All changes that occur on the Internet areThe beginnings are written to journal documents, and then, if the system allows it, they are transferred to the client base. This write-ahead logging method allows users to send and receive messages without worrying about the database.

    However, until a transaction is permanently written to the database, the primary existence of the data associated with that transaction is stored in this special system memory and in my transaction logs.

    Causes of paging error 528

    eseutil /r error 528

    Problems 528 occur when the following Exchange storage log files are missing from the directory server.

  • Edb.log: This log file stops all information about events and operations performed on the Exchange database.
  • Edb.This chk: is a checkpoint file because it maintains a directory link and an Edb.log file. It maintains the relationship between information and logs stored in the database.
  • If a document file is lost due to a computer crash, power failure, virus, malware, intrusion, etc., the Exchange database will be marked as unmounted andwalks in a serious state of “forced shutdown”.


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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for errors

  • And when the admin skips collecting or restoring (mounting) the database integrity check, a special error pops up “Operation completed with error 528 – current log file is missing”. This indicates database corruption.

    How To Fix Exchange 528 Error

    Note. The manual methods described below can be performed by drivers with average technical knowledge. However, some of these manual methods usually involve the risk of data loss and are time consuming.

    Method 1: Check your antivirus for missing log files

    Unless the owners of your antivirus application have added an exclusion for Exchange, it can detect all transaction log files in the presence of viruses or infected files. Therefore, before your company performs any operation, check the quarantine settings and change the configuration settings of your antivirus program. The following steps will appear

  • Start your anti-virus program and go to settings yki
  • Enable quarantine module
  • Then stop all Exchange Web Server services and move the log files from :Program FilesexchsrvrMDBDATAE0000000.log to another location
  • Now delete all files with this .indicator extension
  • Finally, you should have several files viz. res1.log, res2.log and e00.chk
  • Restart all Exchange services. It is recommended to fix this.
  • If this doesn’t fix some 528 errors, continue to the next step in the solution.

    Method 2: Use the ESEUTIL Command Line Tool to Restore EDB Files

    In such situations, the built-in ESEUTIL utility is very handy. He can see and fix EDB errors with data files and bring the database into an amazingly consistent state. To accurately fix error 528 with ESEUTIL, follow these cool steps

  • Notice the save files required for a “clean shutdown” of the database.
  • Use the eseutil /mh
    command in PowerShell.
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