Troubleshooting Error Loading Shared Libraries Can’t Open Shared Objects


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    It’s worth reading these fix recommendations if you’re encountering the “Unable to open shared object” error message on your computer while loading shared libraries. youIf you get our own error when loading shared libraries: 6: Can’t open shared object and then file, you’re simply missing the specified library. Make sure you put it in the correct sound directory with the correct name. Make sure you copy the shared library file and not just a new symlink to it. If so, you’re wrong

    you receive


    As AbiusX pointed out: you just installed that library, you can just run ldconfig.

    sudo block> ldconfig

    ldconfig creates the necessary backup and cache for a large number of recent Shared libraries found in your current directories specified in the command line in /etc/ conf file through trusted directories (so /lib /usr/lib) and .

    What does ‘cannot open shared object file’ mean?

    Unable to open shared point file: no ce or file service. The reason for these errors was that the technique libraries were installed in a dynamic location where the linker could not find everything. Fixed the error “Unable to open a file with shared objects: for example, without a file or directory”.

    Usually when you install a new library, your package manager isn’t everything Take care of that, oh and it won’t hurt – run ldconfig even if it’s not your problem.

    Invalid Development Package Or Version

    If that doesn’t work, I’ll also consider Paul’s suggestion and look for the library backend after “-dev”. Many libraries are separated into dev and dev packages which are not rigidly separated. You can use this command to search:

    apt-cache search 

    This can also be useful if you just installed the wrong major version of the local library. Some libraries are released in many different versions at the same time, like Python.

    Library Location

    If you are sure that the fantastic package is installed and that ldconfig is installed, remember that it is located in a directory other than the default directory. As a workaround, ldconfig looks for /lib in /usr /lib and then in the directories listed in /etc/< /code> so are $LD_LIBRARY_PATH. If your library is located somewhere near you, you can either add the service to a separate substring of /etc/ or add aGo to the library directly in Append $ld_library_path., or move it to inspect /usr/lib. Then run ldconfig.find

    How do I fix error while loading shared libraries libQt5Core so 5?

    In WSL1 you buy the following: sudo strip --remove-section=.note.ABI-tag /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ you, information technology worked in my [email protected] worthy: man, reloaded my WSL 1.0.


    vs *name -inname library*.so*

    error while loading shared libraries cannot open shared object

    If you are using the $LD_LIBRARY_PATH scheme, you must set this in your ~/.bashrc file to have this method run on every connection:

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/path/to/library

    How do I open a shared library in Linux?

    After you design a shared library, you really want to install it. You can simply move it to one of the default directories mentioned above and run the ldconfig command. To get started creating libraries of your own, read this tutorial from the Linux Documentation Project (TLDP).

    There is a list of common bugs that I often see in Ubuntu. problem Will be with the merge list, then there will be BADSIG and errors a number of more common Ubuntu upgrade errors.

    One of the common errors I often see when installing software from source is the error when loading shared libraries. The condensed error usually looks like this:

    Can not open shared object?

    Perhaps we didn't install too many new shared libraries, or we didn't change the search path for shared libraries. Therefore, we need to run the ldconfig command. It updates our Linker cache to make it receptive to new shared libraries.

    Error loading shared libraries:
    couldn't open target in use means file: not a file or just a directory

    For example, I tried to create a FreeRADIUS server and got the following error:

    radiusd: buffering error  shared:
    failed to open shared object document: No such file or directory

    Can not open shared library?

    As AbiusX pointed out, if someone has just set that directory to il, they may need to run ldconfig. ldconfig creates the necessary hyperlinks and caches the most common pure libraries found at the sites of the /etc/ld files specified on the command line.

    The root cause of this error is that your local one-time software library was installed in a location where nosy linkers can't find it. You

    Let me show you how to solve this problem.

    Actually, a quick way to fix this "Use Libraries Autoload Error" is ldconfig.

    All you have to do is open (Ctrl+Alt+T) a terminal and enter the following command:

    error while loading shared libraries cannot open shared object

    sudo /sbin/ldconfig -v

    In most cases, this one-liner should solve the problem. .If .this .is not .the case, .I .discussed .another .handling .method .of .this .error ..

    You are encountering C/C++ in a .so object), (shared is definitely a compiled file library. It's called a shared object because my library file can only be shared between programs. These generated libraries are still usually found in /lib or /usr/lib.

    Now, if you're wondering how this ma A little command fixed the situation, you should read the man page ldconfig, which says:

    ldconfig displays the required links and cache for the latest shared libraries found in the directories specified in the command line type, in the /etc/ document file, and in the trusted /lib file /usr/ lib) and. The cache is used as a back-end runtime linker from de or alternatively ldconfig compares the header with the names of the library files it encounters when determining which versions should be updated by your references.

    I hope this super-fast solution will surely help you get rid of the nasty library bugs found in Ubuntu and other versions of Linux.

    If not, you can investigate and try to solve the whole problem, as shown in the next section.


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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for errors

  • The above will fix the method specific to the problematic library on your system. It might be more likely.program

    If not installed on your system, you don't have a library file. ldconfig can't do anythingfile if there is no selection file.

    So the alternative method is to install this program right now and require the library to be loaded automatically.

    Let me show you an example. Suppose you see an error:

    This error was loading when shared libraries: Failed to share shared object file: No such directory documentation or problem

    This is related to version 2.0 of libgoobject. The version number is almost certainly important because some programs rely on a particular version of choice, and if they can't find it, these companies complain about it.

    apt now offers a specific search option that can be placed in the search package, and it and the version can be viewed there before being placed.

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